Urgent Call for Assistance

As you can see above that is a lot of red. We are at risk of losing our guard show, and while that is not only bad this year it will also impact future years of hosting consideration. If you can give us 2-4 hours of your time it would be extremely helpful. If you know of any groups or associations that would be able to help please pass along our needs.

The most pressing needs are:

#1 Tabulator, without one we will not be able to have a show and this must be an adult.

#2 Concessions and Ticket Sales - these are areas where money will be exchanged and must be adult operated as well.

This is a very VERY important ask that if you are going to participate in any capacity that you please sign up using the sign up link.


I would want to do all we can as a parent group to avoid costing this group, this school, and these kids the opportunity at a home show.

If you have concerns, please call me. Questions, please do the same. 703-861-1780


Mount Vernon High School Marching Band