Its Competition Week!

First of a very big THANK YOU to everyone that adapted to the changes of the week and then a quick turn around for pictures the next morning. That was a great finish to a really fast paced week.

This week we find our Marching Majors moving towards their first competition event of their season, there is a lot of information in this post so please read through it and let us know where you can help. While much of our volunteer focus and ask has been around concession stand this week we will need those hands on deck that are going to help with Pit Crew, Hospitality, Uniforms, and Chaperones. We still have a couple of Freshman and JV events that will need stand attention this week and those are available on our calendar.

Pit Crew

Driver - we will need a volunteer to drive a 26ft truck from the high school to the competition and back. Additional needs from this role would be to pickup and drop off the truck. This is a CRITICAL role and if possible we would like to find a volunteer that could provide this help for all Saturday competitions. If you have questions on this role please call Todd @ 703-861-1780 and we can discuss.

Pit Crew - along with the driver we would need about 7 volunteers to assist our Majors with getting their equipment safely to the field, on the field for competition and off the field afterwards. Once complete the equipment is taken back to the truck, loaded, and secured for the return trip after the competition.

For those interested in assisting on the 25th I would like to ask that you plan to be at the field this Wednesday 9/22/2021 for rehearsal so that we can meet as a crew and talk through the logistics of this first competition and how all of the tools available for the crew work.

NOTE! if you had previously signed up for pit crew we have created a new sign up page here: this is also on the website under GET INVOLVED called "Band Crew" this will be where you can find needs outside of the Concession stand each week.


Chaperones are critical to our ability to travel. Without these volunteers our buses cannot leave the school. Please see below for an outline of our needs this week.

9-24-2021 - Away football game West Potomac

We will need at least 3 parents that are willing to ride with the kids to this away game. This is our only away pep band activity this season and a local rivalry. The team will need our support.


Colgan Classic Chaperons

We will need 3 (or as many that are interested) to ride with the kids down to the competition and stay with them for the duration of the event.


If you are unable to travel with the band on Saturday we could really use your help for hospitality for the kids. 1-2 parents that could put together a small snack bag (cookies, candy, snack etc) that they could take with them on the bus a a little pop of energy.

Uniform Assistance

It would be great if we could get 1-2 parents that are going to chaperone to also assist with uniforms. Handing them out to the kids, making sure that they have everything that they need. Along with helping get them handed out at the school we would also use your assistance at the competition to hand out the shaker hats and plumes to the kids prior to warmups. Once they are done with the competition we would ask that you assist with collection the plumes and getting them safely back to the school. These supplies will be loaded onto the pit crew equipment truck for transportation.

Mount Vernon High School Marching Band