From the Director

All please see this communication from the director.

A few updates:

10/15 REHEARSAL – this rehearsal will end at 7pm. Location: Marching lot. No meal will be served due to the early ending.

10/16 CRITICAL NEEDS: As of this sending, there is only 1 chaperone committed to the trip this Saturday. We are required to have at least 4 (1 chaperone per 10 students) on the buses per FCPS rules for field trips; otherwise, the trip cannot occur. We are 3 short of being able to travel. I will have to make the official decision by 12pm Friday.

We have 6 of our regular pit crew signed up – thank you to the team! We definitely need a few more hands (usually, I count chaperones as part of this team).

I rely on the signup genius created by Mr. Metheny for these duties:

Remember – chaperones/pit crew do not pay entrance fees to competitions.

2) Should we be able to travel (based on #1) – a reminder that any parent who is planning to take their student home directly from the competition must provide me a note by Friday. As of this email, I have received 1 email – when our trips finish later in the evening, I assume more parents attending the show will want this option. Weather is iffy right now – I will use all communication avenues available should there be any changes to Saturday (the host determines these changes).

REHEARSALS/PERFORMANCES: We are nearing the end of our season. The students as a whole have worked very hard to bring our program back into view, and I am so proud of how much they have grown as a band. This is also the time when we add additional visual and musical elements to the show – as well as work to refine what is already part of it. The refinement is only possible with the full ensemble: sports teams, most theater productions, etc. all have at least a 2nd or even 3rd string substitute for each player/role. Band does not work that way.

I say this now because the focus now for performances is about the ensemble - not the individuals. In bands, each section of instruments, and the collective whole, can only improve if they are performing together each day scheduled. I discussed with the students that band is also unique in that each person has a direct effect on the other 40’s progress every time we perform. Having been directly involved in marching band since 1980, I totally understand the time commitment, mental and physical energy this program asks for (believe me, in my mid 50’s I feel it) – I draw on my experience to plan a program that can give our students so many rewards, while trying to balance the time load. To get 2 teens to do anything as one is quite a feat sometimes – when you multiply that number greatly, the task becomes more challenging. In the end, I believe my students will reflect on what they experienced with pride, growth, and smiles.

Keep on keeping on -we are almost there!

BAND FEES: There are several balances due for marching band fees. Please visit the MySchoolBucks School Store to make the payments as soon as possible. (These are the marching fees, not instrument rentals or class fees). I will be following up with families next week on this, but ask that you check in the meantime.

Mount Vernon High School Marching Band