News and Notes

Having completed the first two weeks of band camp the Marching Majors are off to a great start. Filled with excitement and energy they have returned to the field for the first time in nearly 2 years. While we are still working with caution the work is getting done.

The boosters had a very good kick off meeting to the new season and introduced new members to all of the ways that they can help with the program. These roles are essential to the success for the season and your participation will be critical to our success this year. If you have not received information about these items please reach out to the boosters so that we can get you more information.

Another ask this season is patience...there is a lot that we still do not know. We don't know how we are going to travel, we don't know when shows will run, we don't know if things will change. What we do know is that we will do our best to communicate with you via this site and through the kids. If you have not been added to our text notifications please be sure that you sign up.

Thats all for now, we are looking forward to working with all of you and making this the best season that we can for your Marching Majors.

Mount Vernon High School Marching Band