Good Tuesday Everyone!

If you have a chance this evening we could use a few volunteers at the concession stand for Field Hockey. Arrival would be at the football field between 5.30 and 6pm today 8/31/2021. For those of you that are interested this would be a great introduction to our concessions lead, the stand, and the process. If you are interested please just simply head over to the stand

Booster Meeting

Our first group booster meeting will be on Thursday September 2nd at 6pm, right after rehearsal. We ask that you please arrive as close to on time as possible so that we can get you in and out in no more than an hour. This will be our first official meeting of the season. It will include

Treasurers Report

Notes from the Director

Votes on any necessary motions

Preparation for our first football game on September 10th

Picture Day update

Tag Day report

and any other business to discuss.

We look forward to seeing everyone!


Mount Vernon High School Marching Band