BOOSTER MEETING - Uniforms and Board Positions 22/23 Marching Season 5-17 6pm!

Hi Majors!

We are having our second to last booster meeting of the 21/22 season. I would like to ask that as many of you please try to attend as possible. These are VERY important times in getting ready for the upcoming season.

We will be talking about Uniforms, budget, and timelines on putting our Majors into new uniforms.

Secondly we will establish the booster org for 2022/23. I have included a description of what we will need for the season. Anyone that is interested in participating for a position please let us know by emailing

For the officer position, should you be interested, there will be a ballot process and a vote at our next meeting in June. All offices are available. Should you want to participate we can discuss your interest at the meeting or via email or phone feel free to give me a call about any need and we can discuss.

Booster Board Positions

Office of the President

The President shall preside at all Annual, Regular and Executive Committee meetings. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President shall represent the Corporation at public and school meetings, actively direct the Corporation’s affairs, and perform such other duties as directed by the Executive Committee.

Office of the Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President in their absence and perform other duties requested by the President and the Executive Committee.

Office of the Secretary

The Secretary shall maintain the record copy of the Bylaws and have them available at every regularly scheduled meeting of the Corporation. The Secretary shall record meetings or designate a Member to do so in the Secretary’s absence. The Secretary shall maintain a record of the minutes for the duration of their term in office. The Secretary shall maintain a membership list with current addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. The Secretary shall serve as a repository of Corporation reports, records, and official documents including insurance papers and pass them on in an orderly manner to their successor. Office of the Treasurer The Treasurer shall keep the Corporation’s financial records in a true and accurate manner. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements, make financial reports at Corporation meetings and have available a list of all checks issued during the previous month at Committee meetings. The Treasure shall submit financial records of the Corporation to a committee appointed by the President for audit prior to the end of the school year in Fairfax County, VA. Booster Chair Positions Hospitality:

The Hospitality Chairperson will recruit committee members and organize the hospitality committee to provide marching band meals, receptions after concerts, food for trips and other events as needed.


The Uniform Chairperson will recruit uniform coordinators for fittings and distribution of uniforms for performances, maintain the inventory and quality of concert and marching band uniforms, and arrange for cleaning of uniforms as needed. Chaperone:

Chaperone Chairperson is responsible for enlisting chaperones for all events. The chaperones are responsible for staying with the group throughout each event. Chaperones are responsible to ensure proper behavior of the students and adherence to the established schedule. Chaperones travel with the students and ensure no students are left behind. Concessions: Concessions Chairperson will manage, and coordinate concession stands at the MVHS Stadium. Events covered are Varsity, Jr. Varsity, and Freshman football, and Field Hockey as well as other events sponsored by MVHS Band Boosters i.e Winter Color Guard Competition event. Pit Crew: Pit Crew Chairperson will identify and direct volunteers regarding the transport and positioning of instruments and equipment for band performances in coordination with the Band Director. Volunteers will be instructed on the safe handling of all equipment involved. Public Relations: The Public Relations Chairperson will organize requests for member volunteers via email, Band Booster website, phone calls, or other online applications for band events and may assist with outreach and communication work which includes media relations, publicity, newsletter emails and Band Boosters website.

Mount Vernon High School Marching Band